Children benefit from having LESS toys!! (And so do the parents! 👍)

I learned about these awesome benefits from this short video (6.5 mins) made by Joshua Becker from Becoming Minimalist. He also wrote a blog post if you would rather read it.

My sister and her hubby are intentional about limiting their children’s toys and I have witnessed all these benefits!

Children who have less toys….

  • Learn to be more creative
  • Develop longer attention spans
  • Establish better social skills
  • Learn to take better care of things
  • Develop a greater love for reading, writing, and art
  • Become more resourceful
  • Argue less with each other
  • Learn preseverance
  • Become less selfish
  • Experience more of nature
  • Learn to find satisfaction outside of the toy store
  • Live in a cleaner, tidier home

*A great way to teach your kids to be content with less things is to practice it yourself  Less stuff = More life. Try it.

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