My first blog post!

Hello and welcome to my blog! I’m glad you are here! Would you like to join me on this wonderful journey of health!? Say yes and we’ll be together all the way! Encouraging each other with tips, resources, and lots of love!

My journey started about 2 years ago when my sister and I walked into a Maximized Living chiropractor’s office. The doctor taught us about our body’s amazing ability to heal itself and how to remove anything that would interfere with that power (sugars, toxins, stress, etc.). He changed our whole view on health!

Ever since I was a young teenager, I tried many diets and believed that being fit would be a lifelong struggle filled with ups and downs, hour long workouts, weighing my food, low fat this, non fat that, and never being truly happy with my body.
NOW…I just eat REAL food, workout 12 mins a day, eat plenty of “good fats”, and finally feel confident in my own skin! I enjoy food more than ever and this has been the first time that I have not been “trying to lose weight”…it just happens to be a sweet side effect of getting healthy! Along with increased energy, improved focus, better sleep, no headaches, more happiness…and the list goes on and on! Give your body what it truly needs and you will feel the love it gives back.
As I’m sure you can tell, I am super excited about all this and just want to share, share, share!

I will also be blogging about my other passion…traveling the world! I have picked up some tips on how to do it more economically and always jump at the opportunity to help others do the same!

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